Blood moon to be visible from Cyprus on July 27

Blood moon to be visible from Cyprus on July 27

The longest lunar eclipse of the century making the moon look blood red will be visible in Cyprus too from the night of Friday July 27 until the early hours of Saturday July 28. Astronomers expect the [...]

Foureira takes Cyprus to second place in Eurovision

After a week of hype and excitment in Cyprus over coming in as the bookies’ favourite to win the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday night Eleni Foureira despite an energeti [...]

Cyprus heads to Eurovision Final

Eleni Foureira performs Fuego during the Semi-Final 1 for Eurovision Song Contest 2018 After a fiery performance at Tuesday night’s semi-final in Lisbon, Cyprus will be heading to the Eurovision Gr [...]

Top 10 - Most expensive penthouses in the world Video

Discover the top ten most expensive penthouses in the world. Can we be there someday? TOP 10 EXPENSIVE PENTHOUSES #10 - Old Trees Penthouse - $8 Million #9 - Quintessential’s Penthouse - $10.9 Milli [...]

Inspired Spring Decor

Carve out a sunny nook to refresh and recharge with a mini tabletop greenscape. A tray table makes it easy to move plants near a window's natural light. Place plants that share light and watering need [...]

New European Wi-Fi network for airline passengers to launch

A new European Wi-Fi network for airline passengers will be launched by the end of June, the companies behind the project said. German telecoms company Deutsche Telekom and communications firm Inmarsa [...]

Glass Walls and Lots of Curves Distinguish Luxury Apartment Renovation

Two basic concepts underlie the design in all three of the apartments. First is the diagonal arrangement of the two glass rooms in the space: The bedroom and the bathroom. Each of those spaces is enc [...]

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