Moody’s: Cyprus broadens capital-gains tax waiver, a credit positive for banks

Rating agency Moody’s says in its weekly “Credit Outlook” that extension of the government’s waiver of the 20% capital- gains tax to all properties sold when proceeds are used [...]

Blood moon to be visible from Cyprus on July 27

The longest lunar eclipse of the century making the moon look blood red will be visible in Cyprus too from the night of Friday July 27 until the early hours of Saturday July 28. Astronomers expect th [...]

Government announced bond issuance through private placement

The Public Debt Management Office has announced the issuance of 5 government bonds for a total nominal amount of €3,19 billion maturing between 5 to 53 months with private placement [...]

The European Commission and EU consumer authorities push Airbnb to comply

The European Commission and EU consumer authorities are calling on Airbnb to align their terms and conditions with EU consumer rules and be transparent on their presentation of prices. [...]

Moody’s: Sale of Bank of Cyprus UK is credit positive

Rating Agency, Moody’s, has described the sale of Bank of Cyprus subsidiary, Bank of Cyprus UK, as credit positive, noting that the sale would place Bank of Cyprus in a better position to focus on r [...]

Building permits up 25% in January to April

The Cystat figures show a shift from detached houses, whose number rose 19 per cent to 894, towards residential buildings with two or more homes, whose number rose 25 per cent to 898 in January to Apr [...]

Fitch: Hellenic’s acquisition of CCB “positive” for its credit profile

Fitch Ratings has placed Hellenic Bank ‘s Long-Term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) of `B` and Viability Rating (VR) of `b` on Rating Watch Positive (RWP), following the announcement on [...]

CBC says Co-op worst case scenario theoretical amid bank run

On Friday, customers were queuing inside and outside Co-op branches leading to an increase in withdrawals, sources familiar with the matter said. In the first three months of the year, the Co-ops saw [...]

Cyprus aspires to be a bridge of cooperation between Asia and Europe

Cyprus aspires to act as a bridge to further enhance ties of cooperation between Asia, Europe, and Africa, House President Demetris Syllouris said on Tuesday. Syllouris was addressing the opening ses [...]

Cyprus is becoming one of the top emerging investment fund centers in Europe

Cyprus is fast becoming one of the top emerging investment fund centres in Europe, Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou has said.Addressing on Friday evening the Gala Dinner of t [...]
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